All change for pharma and biotech partnerships

The pharma industry is always evolving, and in the past decade, there has been an increasing reliance on partnering to strengthen R&D. In this original white paper, Phenestra shares its views on the key trends of pharma partnerships and the critical decisions that underlie them.

In the recent past, big pharma and biotech worked largely (and successfully) on the principle that doing everything in-house was best. However, the need for innovative new medicines is driving a new model; where smaller units are being recognised for their innovation, but have to partner with larger companies in order to navigate the pathway from drug discovery to commercialization.

This exclusive white paper from Phenestra discusses the key trends in pharma partnerships and how early stage decision-making is key in partnership success.

Download this white paper to:

• Determine the different types of partnerships in the pharmaceutical industry.

• Evaluate the implications for both R&D and commercial functions when partnering.

• Understand the importance of early stage decision-making in any partnership agreement.

• Explore ways in which the right decisions can guide success and also mitigate failure.

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