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There are good reasons why patient centricity has become such a well-used term within the pharmaceutical industry. But, says Kantar Health’s Linda VerPlanck, the research approaches underpinning it must be able to deliver transformational insights that can, in turn, improve real-world outcomes.

In Deep Dive: Patient Centricity II, she says that if healthcare solutions are to prove their value, a better understanding of the empowered patients we are trying to help and how they want to proactively manage their condition is vital. To achieve this, pharmaceutical companies need patient-centred insights.

Patient-centricity is a well-used term within the industry, and with good reason. From designing clinical trials with the needs of patients in mind, to creating patient support and education programmes that help them manage their health conditions, patient-centric thinking has a host of applications. But it’s clear that some pharma companies are much further along their journey towards being patient centric than others, largely due to their better understanding of patients’ true needs.

No matter at what stage of the journey a company finds itself, it will always need to form the clearest picture possible of the complete patient experience. Doing this challenges pharma to ‘connect the dots’ to capture a 360-degree view of healthcare consumers, their behaviours and motivations. This requires companies to think about the person with the condition and how they can create more value in improving that individual’s health.

It’s only by having a broad, well-rounded mindset, coupled with a real focus on understanding the patient experience, that we can view the whole picture and form an idea of the complete patient experience. To achieve this, a truly cross-discipline approach must be leveraged to first design the research study and then analyse the results.

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Linda Banks

23 May, 2018