Top 20 most popular articles on pharmaphorum in 2015

A look back at the most popular pharmaphorum articles of 2015, covering diverse topics from the emergence of ‘Chemsex’, the launch of Novartis’ Entresto and how new smaller firms are breaking into the industry’s own top 20.


1. 10 Disruptive technologies that will transform pharma

Bertalan Mesko, 4 June 2015

2. Pharma gets social: how Novartis is transforming clinical trials with social media

Daniel Ghinn, 19 March 2015

3. We need to talk about Chemsex: risks of Hep C and HIV are high

David Rowlands, 2 March 2015

4. Pfizer breaks new ground with its Get Old campaign

Daniel Ghinn, 19 January 2015

5. Better outlook for clinical trials in India

Gopal Pai, 5 August 2015

6 Novartis’ Entresto set to transform heart failure treatment – and maybe pricing too

Kevin Grogan, 13 July 2015

7. How to drive commercial excellence through analytics: lessons from two leading pharma companies

Iain Fratter & Stephen Redden, ZS Associates, 6 January 2015

8. Tunnah’s musings: What would an Uber for pharma look like?

Paul Tunnah, 22nd October 2015

9: Raising the bar: can Gilead’s next challenge be even bigger than Hep C?

Andrew McConaghie 26th November 2015

10. Stay or go? The UK’s PPRS and the statutory scheme for pricing branded medicines

Leela Barham, 9 March 2015

11. Does the drug industry need a new pricing model?

Ed Schoonveld, ZS, 12 January 2015

12. NICE calls the shots on Harvoni but NHS England eyeing price controls

Andrew McConaghie, 22 January 2015

13. Segmentation for marketing new Alzheimer’s brands

Denise Armadoros, The Planning Shop International, 21 January 2015

14. Innovative smaller firms to break into pharma’s top 20

Andrew McConaghie, 26 May 2015

15. How immunotherapies are changing treatment for non-small cell lung cancer

Daniel Blake, Kantar Health, 17 July

16 Channelling the future in med ed

Ruth Herman, Ashfield Healthcare Communications, 3 February 2015

17: Pharma gets social: Will ASCO 2015 be the most social congress meeting ever?

Daniel Ghinn, 23 April

18 Digital disruption of med ed

Len Starnes, 27 April 2015

19 Immuno-oncology driving new marketing strategies

Kelly Price, The Planning Shop International 8 July

20 PR to pharma: up your dosage of social media

Kathy Cripps, PR Council, 13 March