The future’s bright, the future’s…digital

Hannah Blake interviews Ryan McGuire

Cutting Edge Information

We speak with Ryan McGuire about digital marketing strategies, social media and current global trends compared to those in the US.

It’s fair to say it has taken pharma awhile to jump on the digital bandwagon. But it jumped and now here we are, pharma has successfully implemented digital marketing strategies, including the addition of social media channels. And any not-so successful efforts have just added to the learning curve. But the digital space is constantly evolving, and pharma needs to constantly evolve with it. So what are the current digital trends? And do these trends differ in the US to Europe or the rest of the world?

We speak with someone who knows a thing or two about these trends – research team leader, Ryan McGuire. In our interview, he also discusses how the rise in digital technologies is affecting pharma as well as sharing his thoughts on what the future relationship will be like between pharma and digital.

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00:15 – Ryan’s role as Research Team Leader at Cutting Edge Information.

00:57 – How the rise in digital technologies is affecting pharma.

02:08 – Some of the US and global digital trends Ryan has noticed.

03:51 – His thoughts on how pharma can use social media to better engage with patients.

05:06 – Ryan discusses some of the challenges associated with implementing digital strategies in pharma.

06:34 – How companies can mitigate the risks with implementing social media.

07:29 – The benefits to pharma outsourcing its digital marketing, in his opinion.

09:06 – Ryan shares his views on what the pharma and digital relationship will look like in the future.

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About the interviewee:

Ryan McGuire is a proud graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in Finance. Born and raised in New Jersey, Ryan moved to North Carolina in 2008 to start a new career with the pharmaceutical research benchmarking firm Cutting Edge Information.

Since joining, CEI Ryan as led research projects in topic areas such as: medical affairs, digital marketing, clinical operations, patient recruitment, lifecycle management, investigator-initiated trials (IITs), medical publications and medical information. Ryan earned the award for research report of the year at CEI in both 2010 and 2011 – recognizing his role as project leader for the highest selling report in that calendar year.

In Raleigh, Ryan is a youth soccer referee, an acting teacher, an avid sports fan, a weekend warrior and a husband. Connect with Ryan on LinkedIn or check out his latest project, a sports blog.

How can pharma keep up with the latest digital trends?