Spotlight on Understanding HCPs

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What do healthcare professionals (HCPs) want from pharmaceutical companies and how can the industry successfully engage with them?

The answer comes from how well pharma understands healthcare professionals and can work with their needs so that engagement is appreciated, valuable and on their terms.

Taking aim at this, the Spotlight on Understanding HCPs, which is being produced in association with Aptus Health, will take an insight-driven approach to cover areas such as physician channel preferences and local needs.

It would be fair to say that the basics of this have generally been unchanged for years, with the need to inform, educate and support healthcare professionals a core requirement of the pharmaceutical industry.

But what has changed is the way in which life sciences companies interact with their audiences, with an increasing array of digital channels to contend with, including websites, email, social media, messaging and even voice-activated technology.

To contend with this requires companies to enhance and deepen their understanding of the behaviours, preferences and beliefs of a varied audience of healthcare professionals.

To do this a successful pharmaceutical marketing strategy must know which channel to use, when and for which audience segment. But as healthcare changes, it’s clear that pharma engagement with healthcare professionals has to keep up with it.

And technology doesn’t stand still. The use of data, insights, AI and machine learning has made great strides in progress in recent years, but whether pharmaceutical marketing has kept up with it is less certain.

Aptus Health is ideally placed to provide an answer and guidance on future directions, with its medical news and education online community Univadis offering plenty of insights thanks to its membership of more than three million healthcare professionals.

Aptus Health offers health and life sciences companies a truly connected approach to engaging healthcare professionals, consumers and other stakeholders through an array of high-value digital information channels and services. By applying this portfolio of assets—informed by rich engagement data and analytics—Aptus designs and builds integrated multichannel engagement solutions that allow its clients to connect with their customers at key points in their decision-making journeys and deliver meaningful impact at scale.

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