Social pharma faces: Denise Silber

Paul Tunnah interviews Denise Silber

Basil Strategies

We’ve been lucky enough to speak with some fantastic people operating at the forefront of digital and social media pharma engagement during the course of this series. However, few can boast a CV as impressive as that belonging to Denise Silber, someone who has been active in the healthcare digital space since its very inception.

Working at the interface between the pharma industry, healthcare providers and the patient, Denise has been an avid writer, blogger and author on the challenges and opportunities for digital healthcare delivery. In addition, she has played a key role in bringing different sides of the healthcare world together to focus on the patient through conferences such as Health 2.0 and Doctors 2.0 &amp, You. Her work has been so widely recognised that she was recently awarded the French Legion of Honour, the highest decoration possible in France.

Speaking with Denise, it’s easy to see why she is regarded as such an authority on this topic, as we covered off key issues such as how to get the different healthcare stakeholders working in a common direction. Denise also shares her candid views on the role of regulations with regards to social media activities and how major global pharma companies can deal with the challenges of engaging with local healthcare providers and patients in a meaningful way.

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About the interviewee:

An American in Paris, and former pharmaceutical manager, Denise has been an eHealth opinion leader since 1995, directing the creation of the first leading medical web sites in France while at the communications agency she had founded in Paris in 1991. Denise subsequently sold that company and returned to work on eHealth in the US. In 2001, back in Paris, Denise Silber launched Basil Strategies, eMarketing, Web 2.0, and Social Media consultancy with an events and training activity as well. Basil Strategies are founders of Doctors 2.0 ™ &amp, You, first international congress on health care and social media.

A Harvard MBA, Denise is President of the association, PharMBA. organizing international speaker events and of AQIS, the association for the Quality of Health Internet Sites In France. She can be found in English and French on her blog,

Visit for more details of next year’s Doctors 2.0 &amp, You conference.

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