Social pharma faces: Craig DeLarge

Paul Tunnah interviews Craig DeLarge

Novo Nordisk

We’ve already heard a number of perspectives on the rise of digital and social media within pharma from within the European market. However, many of the big initiatives that have driven the social networking craze have stemmed from the US market and it’s impossible to ignore the impact of big American companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google in really defining this space. So we thought it was time that pharmaphorum took a look over the pond to get some fresh perspectives.

To those who are active in the pharma digital space, Craig DeLarge is probably a familiar face as he is an avid Tweeter (@cadelarge) with over 1,500 followers and strong proponent of, and speaker on, relationship marketing – the art of engaging customers to discover and meet their needs over time. During his most recent tenure with Novo Nordisk Craig has also been a key player in influencing the company’s digital initiatives, but he has been working in the industry for many years and has seen quite significant transformation in customer habits and Pharma reactions to such in that time.

Speaking with Craig, pharmaphorum explored whether the US is keeping one step ahead with regards to social media, where he sees it best fitting within pharma and how it can be integrated with the broader marketing mix. In addition, Craig shared with us what he sees as examples of best practice in the digital space, where he thinks social media regulations are heading and his key critical success factors for getting new initiatives right.

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About the interviewee:

Craig DeLarge is the Director of Healthcare Professional Relationship Marketing at Novo Nordisk US in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. In his current role, Craig and his team are responsible for leading a Novo Nordisk US in the areas of: 1) brand and customer portal website development and integration (inclusive of search, eMail &amp, social media), 2) customer relationship &amp, database marketing, and 3) integrated multi-channel metricing &amp, ROI measurement, with particular focus on the healthcare professional side of the business.

Previously, over the last 20 years, Craig has held eMarketing, relationship marketing, product management, promotions management and marketing research roles with GSK, J&amp,J and Communications Media, Inc. He is a marketing professor at Philadelphia University and Chestnut Hill College. He is a career coach and keeps a blog,, related to meaningful &amp, purposeful work.

He has earned a B.S. in Marketing from Philadelphia University and an MBA in Design Management from the University of Westminster, London, U.K.

What pharma social media initiatives stand out for you?