Shaping the patient-centric evolution of HTA in Europe

Views & Analysis

Patient engagement is one of the most important drivers for improving healthcare delivery but, as Krystallia Pantiri explains, approaches by European health technology assessment (HTA) bodies vary.

Patients, their families and caregivers are increasingly being recognised as therapeutic area experts, given their day-to-day hands-on experiences with their respective conditions. Underpinned by the ever-greater availability of online medical information, patients are becoming more involved in, and engaged with, their healthcare.

Many patients have a clear desire to contribute to the drug development process. The same holds true for involvement with HTA activities, with many efforts undertaken by patient associations, advocacy groups and HTA agencies in Europe to facilitate this.

Alongside these efforts, there are opportunities for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry to help bring the patient voice into HTA discussions. Incorporating patients’ insights on the value an intervention could provide in a particular therapeutic area may help improve patient benefit and fulfil the unmet need.


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