Physician perspectives: Dr Andrew Doan

Hannah Blake interviews Dr Andrew Doan

Ophthalmologist and social media expert

Our latest interview is with physician, Dr Andrew Doan, about his experiences using the internet, including how he overcame his computer game addiction to become an established publisher, author and service provider. This interview also highlights some of the challenges physicians face when using social media today, including negative press, and how this can actually be a good thing for pharmaceutical companies and products.

Continuing our ‘Physician perspective’ series, we speak with Dr Andrew Doan, who is not only a comprehensive ophthalmologist, but also a leading social media expert. He shares with us his experiences using social media as a physician. Andrew spent nearly ten years as a computer game addict, and after giving them up, realised he had around 40 hours a week to spare. So what did he do? He took charge of his life and used the opportunity to start up a publishing company, two online services for doctors and patients and wrote two books.


“Andrew’s most recent book, The Biggest 24, teaches people how to reach their full potential in this digital age…”


One of the opinions Andrew expresses in our interview is about how exciting it is to see that some of the older physicians, who were once against the internet, are now welcoming the changes. His most recent book, The Biggest 24, teaches people how to reach their full potential in this digital age, and as Andrew says, with the fast-growing technology advancements of today, nearly anything can now be possible.

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00:15 – Dr Doan shares his background as a comprehensive ophthalmologist and his current focus surrounding social media.

01:27 – What inspired Andrew to write his book, The Biggest 24.

06:47 – What Andrew believes to be the biggest challenges physicians face within social media and his ideas about how to overcome them.

10:43 – How Andrew believes pharma can better engage with physicians.

11:55 – Andrew’s views around negative reviews and how these can be turned into a positive for practices, services and products.

13:30 – Andrew shares his thoughts about the future, taking into consideration technology advancements.

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About the interviewee:

Dr Andrew Doan is a comprehensive ophthalmologist and ocular pathologist. Dr Doan is a leading expert in Internet marketing, social media, and online reputation management for medical practices.

After graduating from Reed College with a BA in Biology, Dr Doan completed his MD and PhD degrees in Neuroscience at The Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine. He completed an internal medicine internship and an ophthalmology residency at the University of Iowa. He then completed a fellowship in ophthalmic pathology at the Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA as a National Eye Institute and Heed post-doctoral fellow.

As an entrepreneur, he has launched a publishing company, Medrounds Publications, a Verified Reviews® service serving both patients and doctors, and an Electronic Medical Records service for doctors.

Dr Doan is publishing his first book on video game addiction, Hooked on Games and writing his new book, The Biggest 24: Harnessing Your Full Potential in the Digital Age.

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