Pharmaceutical Industry Debate Comes Online with

A new online portal for the pharmaceutical industry,, has been launched to facilitate constructive debate and discussion for the next generation of pharma executives, providing a unique home for the sharing of commercial and R&amp,D ideas.

(PRWEB) February 24, 2010 — The pharmaceutical industry is faced with multiple challenges and has to explore radical new business models. Now, provides a unique home for the next generation of pharma industry leaders to debate key issues online, network with peers and develop new strategies to drive medical innovation across numerous disease areas.

The use of the internet for business purposes has boomed in the past few years, with a new generation of online executives looking to use such social media tools for constructive dialogue in their work life. In a world of restricted time and budgets, pharmaphorum provides an “always on”, easy to access environment for debate and networking, designed to support and encourage the kind of dialogue found at industry conferences worldwide.

Paul Tunnah, Founder of the pharmaphorum website, sees an opportunity for online debate and idea sharing to dramatically help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies drive innovation and deliver better medicines, stating “At pharmaphorum, we see two converging factors that dictate the need for a professional but friendly website for constructive industry dialogue – a real need for business and medical innovation within an industry that is being challenged on all sides, combined with the emergence of a new generation of corporate decision makers who have matured understanding the power of online social media.”

During the initial testing period, the site has attracted thousands of visitors through peer-to-peer networking with an audience already spanning over 90 countries worldwide, including strong representation from the major US and European markets. Topical articles written by industry thought leaders encourage discussion around key areas, whilst an open forum allows users to debate a wide variety of issues with global users. Whilst is designed to support the new generation of pharmaceutical and biotech company leaders to make critical business decisions, it also invites input from relevant external groups, such as service companies and healthcare providers, to help steer industry direction.

The pharmaceutical industry has been hit with a number of new challenges in the last ten years including the decline of innovation, impending patent cliff as new medicines face generic competition and increasing cost-containment restricting market access at traditional pricing levels. More open information sharing to drive innovation has never been more critical, especially in an industry where the end product affects the lives of billions of patients globally every day.

“Clearly pharmaphorum cannot provide all the answers but it can help provide a means for the industry to uncover the answers. We don’t intend to replace the critical face-to-face interaction found at engaging conferences every day, but we can ensure that dialogue is maintained even when it’s not possible to meet with your peers. Social media is here to stay and when used in the right way is an extremely powerful driver of positive business change,” Tunnah concludes.

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About pharmaphorum is the exciting new online discussion and networking site for the pharma, medical devices and diagnostics industry. The site features topical articles with user comments, a live forum and directories for upcoming conferences and relevant companies. With a growing audience of industry executives engaging in debate, pharmaphorum is the place for people in healthcare to share ideas, discuss leading issues and network.