Pharma talent management

Rebecca Aris interview Gráinne Higgins

Shire Pharmaceuticals Switzerland

As we move to an era in which talent capital defines a pharmaceutical organisation’s identity, talent management processes and metrics have become critical within pharma companies. Pharma companies are seeking ways of keeping their key players and successfully delivering their talent development strategy.

In advance of her speaking engagement at the upcoming Talent Forward 2012 event, Gráinne Higgins, Global Vice President of Human Resources at Shire shares with us her thoughts on successful talent management.

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00:15 – Gráinne’s background and details of her current role.

01:21 – How pharma companies can retain key players.

02:30 – The challenges of successful talent management.

03:44 – How the challenges in talent management can be overcome.

04:42 – The key to a successful talent management process.

07:23 – How the success of a global talent management program be measured.

09:35 – What measures Shire is currently undertaking to ensure success in future talent management.

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About the interviewee:

Gráinne Higgins, Global Vice President, Human Resources at Shire Pharmaceuticals Switzerland.

Gráinne joined Shire Pharmaceuticals in August 2010 as lead business partner to the global rare disease business (Human Genetic Therapies). She is based in Nyon, Switzerland. Prior to joining Shire, she worked with Merck &amp, Co. as the Regional Human Resources Lead based in Lucerne, Switzerland. Prior to the merger of Merck and Schering-Plough in November 2009, Gráinne was Vice President of Human Resources, Global Animal Health for Schering-Plough based in Boxmeer, Netherlands. Gráinne originally joined Schering-Plough in 1997 following the global acquisition of Mallinckrodt Veterinary.

At that time she was the HR lead for Ireland. She moved to New Jersey in 1999 and held many HR roles of increasing scope and responsibility during the next eight years. Gráinne earned an M.S. degree in organization behavior from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland and a national diploma in personnel management from the National College of Industrial Relations. She graduated with honors from University College Dublin, where she earned a bachelor of social science degree.

What do you think is key to successful talent management?