Inside view: working towards successful social media engagement

Paul Tunnah interviews Veronica Botet

GE Healthcare

The gradual adoption of social media in companies throughout the pharma world is increasing and with it comes novel and unique ways of engaging with patients and providers. We are increasingly seeing careful integration of social media messages using a combination of the available social media channels to create the right information for the right audiences. With the rapid growth of social media campaigns companies are looking to each other to see what projects have been successful and what techniques they should be adopting.

It is evident that social media is evolving but where is it heading and what will it look like in 10-15 years time? Will pharma achieve the successful social media engagement platform that it desires to enable closer interaction with its customers and delivery of better treatments?

In this interview we spoke with Veronica Botet of GE Healthcare. Veronica ensures that the digital PR strategy at GE Healthcare includes a social media component and she keeps a close eye on campaigns both within her own company and external ones that have been successful. She also discusses the importance of knowing your audience when delivering your messages and how she hopes social media use will evolve in her company in the years to come.

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About the interviewee:

Verónica Botet is Digital and Social Media Manager for the Global PR team at GE Healthcare. Her job is to ensure digital and social media are embedded on GE Healthcare’s PR strategy and to provide guidance, training and tools for the use of digital and social media to the global PR team. She has over 10 years PR experience across different industries, both in agencies and companies. To know some of the examples of her work, visit GE Healthcare’s Newsroom, which offers the latest News and information about GE Healthcare, and Breast Cancer Emotion, a website dedicated to those who have been affected by breast cancer.

You can find Veronica on her email

What will social media use look like in pharma in ten years time?