Mind the (implementation) gap

What is the true impact of a positive health technology assessment (HTA)? In the current edition of Deep Dive: Market Access II, Wendy Gidman and Ruth Howells of DRG Abacus examine the research evidence and consider what can be done to improve uptake of new technologies.

Globally, an ageing population, lifestyle changes, altered patient expectations and technological innovations have resulted in spiralling healthcare costs. Consequently, decision makers have increasingly turned to health technology assessment (HTA) to help inform healthcare spending in a climate of diminishing and finite resources.

The authors’ knowledge and experience support international consensus that the uptake of HTA decisions or guidance can be slow and variable.

Points covered in detail in the article include:

  • While pharmaceuticals can be assimilated readily into existing treatment pathways, new devices often require healthcare service redesign.
  • It is estimated that up to 50% of HTA reports have no influence on practice.
  • Recent evidence from England indicates that, in the majority of cases, the use of medicines is lower than expected after a positive HTA.

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