Happy third birthday pharmaphorum!


As pharmaphorum’s third birthday approaches we share our birthday messages with you.

On Sunday 26th August pharmaphorum will be celebrating its third birthday. We asked you to share your feedback and pharmaphorum highlights with us, and here they are…


In three short years you have become a valuable go-to resource for the global pharmaceutical community. No doubt your commitment to quality content and your ongoing drive towards excellence will help ensure many, many more years of success.

Thanks for all you do.

Wendy Blackburn, Intouch Solutions

I want to wish pharmaphorum all the best for all the years to come. It’s been awesome being part of this community and even though I’m physically far away my heart is with you guys. I also want to thank Paul for giving me the opportunity to share what the pharma industry is about in Latin America and letting me show advantages and disadvantages of being part of the developing world, and Rebecca, Hannah and Rachel for bearing with my English as a second language ,)

In three short years you have become a valuable go-to resource for the global pharmaceutical community…

Happy birthday pharmaphorum!

Valentina Jaramillo, Investigacion Clinica Latam

“In three short years you have become a valuable go-to resource for the global pharmaceutical community…”

Congratulations to all at pharmaphorum on the occasion of your third birthday. Thank you for the dedication and consistency you’ve shown on the way to becoming the trusted destination for informed, insightful discussion on key issues in pharma.

Andrew Spong, STweM

Happy birthday to pharmaphorum, from all here at Trufflenet Health, wishing you another successful year. The insights you provide and the broad topics of conversation enlighten me every day.

Janet Gunner, Trufflenet

Congratulations guys, been a quick three years and look forward to seeing your wonderful progression of the next 3 years too.

Cetas Kinetic

“The insights you provide and the broad topics of conversation enlighten me every day.”

“pharmaphorum is a great place to visit every day. With global boundaries opening up there is so much to learn. Engaging content, varied topics, different perspectives and presence of some great thought leaders makes it a true ‘pharma forum’.”

Dinesh Chindarkar, GlobalHealthPR

Our team is wishing you a Happy 3rd birthday and a cheers and hats off to your three years of success. Congratulations! We appreciate the excellent content and work you provide to help the industry stay informed and ahead. And we appreciate the working relationship we have with your team. Here’s to three more years (and many more on top of that!) of continued success, pharmphorum. Happy Birthday. – Your friends at Cadient Group.

Cadient Group

@pharmaphorum happy Birthday

jean-paul REYNAUD @jipeREY

“Is it really 3 years since I sat with Paul and talked about his new project? Congratulations on the well-deserved success to date, and good luck for continued growth and good fortune!”

Peter Llewellyn, NetworkPharma

Many happy returns, I am certainly looking forward to reading more insightful articles and comments from you over the coming weeks/months/years 🙂

Helen Taylor, Medical Marketing Research Group

@pharmaphorum Thanks for all of the great #pharma insight! Happy [early] birthday!

Sanofi US @SanofiUS

@pharmaphorum Happy Birthday in advance. Being new to pharmaphorum my highlight must be connecting with you in the first place.

Michael @MBLondon

Cheers to developing a great daily read that consistently provides helpful and healthy industry debate! We enjoy the excellent content you continually provide. We’ve enjoyed being a part of the conversation and working with your team. And we’ll continue enjoying watching you grow with many more successes. Happy 3rd Birthday pharmaphorum! – Laura Liotta, President, Sam Brown, Inc.

Sam Brown, Inc.

@pharmaphorum That was a quick three years! Thanks for reliable and balanced information.

XVIVO Animation @XVIVO

Happy Birthday!!

Educadies – Educación en diabetes y materiales didácticos


We’re so pleased that you appreciate all the hard work we put in. Thank you for making pharmaphorum such a great community and a valuable resource.

Here’s to continued growth over the years to come!



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