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Digital health is unlocking new avenues for innovation across life sciences, and industry leaders are keen to tap into the potential of this burgeoning area. At the 2021 Frontiers Health conference in Milan, thought leaders and industry experts from across the life science industry came together to discuss the future of digital in healthcare.

In this Spotlight on Frontiers Health 2021, we present notable highlights and discussions from the conference, including resources from pharmaphorum and Frontiers Health and expert insight and analysis from those driving digital health adoption in life sciences.

Links to our coverage are below, but it’s not too late to experience the event for yourself!


Through Frontiers Health’s exclusive FH21 RELOADED package, you’ll enjoy 250+ speakers,40+ sessionsand about 50 hours of recordings, whenever you prefer, through you own device. Furthermore, you’ll benefit of unique insights and summaries from conference sessions and a special discount to join next 2022 conference.


With no precedent set for such a dramatic transformation, the acceleration of digital health adoption during the COVID-19 pandemic has driven creative thinking across the life science industry. As part of this spotlight, we get an insider look at the future of innovation in digital health and why companies are moving away from siloed development strategies in favour of cross-department collaboration.

Bolstered by a wealth of evidence that digital technology can be a valuable tool for patients and practitioners, attention has turned to the challenge of building a sustainable healthcare model beyond the bubble of COVID-19. As the industry works to balance traditional in-person interaction and the adoption of digital engagement tools, we explore how companies can make the most of this new multi-channel engagement model.

In addition to improving efficiency, digital health has also opened new channels for communication between healthcare providers and patients. We look at how life science companies are leveraging technology to bring patient voices into every stage of drug development and the growing importance of treating the person behind the patient.



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