How to enhance patient understanding of medical products

Not every patient is up-to-date with the latest medical and technical terminology. In this article, Ashish Khera discusses the challenges within pharmaceutical marketing and provides his top tips to overcome this issue.

Considering every patient literacy level to a limit that can understand published health information or product information is wrong. On average, patient understanding is in fact very low. The reading material provided by the medical marketer can put the ‘normal’ patient in an endless confusion as the information promoted by them is highly technical. Sometimes even the doctors get confused with these densely written, jargon-filled printed material and flyers. Some words that are considered clear for medical marketers may not be understood by ‘normal’ patients. Words like “terminal” or “benign” may not be as clear as you believe.

“Over a third of patients have limited health literacy, which results in their not understanding what they need to do to take care of their health.”

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Today, most pharmaceutical and medical device firms are aware that their sales are highly influenced by awareness and likeness of patients and their ease to understand the product assist companies in promoting product to doctors. Nearly 40% of patients search online to look up reviews for treatments and products to self-evaluate specific features.




Research level by patients

According to a survey conducted by mediabistro, 40 % of consumers say that the information they found on social media sites affect the way they manage their health and 25 % watch health related videos to understand the key issues.

“On an average, patient understanding is in fact very low.”


So how can you promote yourself as a physician?

Here are six top tips on how to physician’s can self-promote in order to improve patient understanding:

1. Writing at same level: Start by writing simple words and avoiding buzzwords that create ambiguity while reading and write in language that isn’t technical, but instead easy for the reader to understand. When explaining about your device’s benefits or comparing your device with its competition, always try to communicate your message in simple words, which any non-technical person can also understand. A simple and clear statement creates trust in the customer’s eye.

2. Create a patient section: Create a separate patient section on your website too, as it’ll increase the appeal of your product. Regular interaction with patients will create positive brand awareness and will aid patient understanding.

3. Introduce pictures in information: A product communication page full of informational text without any appealing images can make the engagement slow. While communicating your message to general patients, use a good quality image which explains the features in an interactive way and makes it easy to understand.

“A simple and clear statement creates trust in the customer’s eye.”


4. Make animation your information tool: Great graphics supported with scientific accuracy device 3D animations can create buzz among patients and let them understand the use of the device in a very easy way. It also becomes a good asset for communicating device features and uses to general patients.

5. Interactive apps: Interactive iPad apps are an emerging and best learning tool, which medical device companies can utilize to communicate with patients. Due to high level interactivity by apps, supported by a series of graphic illustrations and information, passing accurate product information to patients becomes very easy. Also, the level of referral and word of mouth marketing can make the product even more successful among the world of mhealth.

6. Social media: Utilizing social media channels allows you to connect with patients. Communicating the right information builds trust among patients and helps them understand the device procedures in a friendly manner Some websites have linked their major social media channels and update information regarding their product features and upcoming products in an efficient manner. This allows the patients to understand the device much better and creates trust between them, while helping the company’s sales channel.


Promote yourself to the patients so that they can become your vocal advocates to the medical fraternity.



About the author:

Ashish Khera is a bio-mechanical engineer from Carnegie Mellon university and having 15 years+ experience in fortune 500 medical device / pharma industry, Mr Khera is the co-founder of Scientific Animations, a premium medical animation studio catering worldwide animation needs.

How can you enhance patient understanding of medical products?