Preparing for the digital journey

Fresh off his appearance at this year’s Frontiers Health conference, we sat down with Sandoz’s head of digital Andre Heeg to get his views on where digital pharma is heading and how companies can make sure they always keep the patient in mind during this transformation.

Are there any particular areas of pharma that you think are lacking in digital adoption? Why might it be important to harness digital in these areas?

We are definitely in the middle of a pharma digital revolution. While we are not ready to claim victory – YET – digital is already making our business way smarter and more focused than we’ve ever been previously.

There are five areas where digital can and is making a significant impact. These are:
1. Predictive forecasting and planning
2. Waste out – automation and simplification
3. Data visualisation and insights
4. Digitised marketing and selling
5. Culture change and training


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