Patient partnerships: putting relevance into relationships

There are perhaps two ways to look at 2020 – on the surface, it has been a year of pandemic health catastrophe, on a deeper level it has been a year where we finally acknowledged the fragility of health partnerships and the importance of good relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and the patients it serves.

‘New normal’ – on warp-speed
In the past decade, industry has been moving away from a transactional engagement model and towards one more based on collaboration and conversation. We arrived into 2020 with the vision and enthusiasm that a new decade offers to find that as a sector committed to a collective global health endeavour, we suddenly had to work much more openly and cohesively to problem-solve for people infected with coronavirus and to help to shield people with chronic conditions rendered even more vulnerable to the impact of reduced access to treatment and supportive care. That endeavour became essential; it became necessary to build partnerships that are not defined by the volume of the interactions but instead by the value that each interaction brings to all of the stakeholders.

Value over volume
At NexGen we have always focused on bridging new partnerships between patient groups and pharma experts. Our role is to facilitate common ground so that patients’ voices and needs are expressed to the right people within pharma and that the right people within pharma are equipped to ‘actively listen’ to those needs.


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