Market access in the time of COVID-19

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Market access in the time of COVID-19

COVID-19 has left no part of life untouched, including health technology assessment (HTA) and other payer agency activities, and it will likely have a lasting impact on market access. Leela Barham takes stock and looks ahead.

Key points

  • Manufacturers should be aware of the potential for delays to drugs close to launch as HTA and payer agencies are prioritising and need more time to deliver their work while also delivering on their remits for COVID-19
  • Delays could range from three months to longer if the drug is not considered a priority
  • In the medium-term, pressure for companies to offer significant value for money will not abate as COVID-19 puts more and more strain on health care budgets
  • A debate on what COVID-19 means for HTA, in terms of what is valuable and the willingness to pay for it, has already started and will continue potentially generating a stronger case for change in how HTA is practiced

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