Developing enhanced digital content to increase physician engagement

With in-person scientific congresses an impossibility for the foreseeable future, researchers and publishers have to adapt how they foster scientific exchange. Experts from ICON tell us how they have found success in using enhanced media fit for the digital age.

It would be easy to assume that researchers and physicians have been dragged reluctantly into having to get scientific information from online sources rather than physical meetings during COVID-19 – but in truth things were heading this way long before the pandemic.

In 2015 research from SSCG Media found that 59% of physicians preferred to receive information about clinical trials through print media, but similar research by PM360 in 2018 found that only 34% preferred traditional sources, compared to 40% who have shifted over to a combination of print and digital.

Meanwhile, 26% of physicians indicated that in the future they would not have time for print at all.

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