Artificial intelligence and the future of rep visits

As access to healthcare professionals (HCPs) declines, the challenges facing sales representatives continue to increase: less time with HCPs, Sunshine Act restrictions, and integration of practices into larger health systems. It can be daunting.

Once, influence was based on interactions between reps and HCPs more than just about anything else. But today, influence is spread across a variety of touch points, many digital, which can be accessed by an HCP at any time and place. To reinforce their value, sales reps are expected to have deep knowledge of the market and their customers, so that they can tailor their interactions to the unique needs of each.

How can today’s rep succeed? It’s all about data.

Data – gathered judiciously, digested accurately, analysed rapidly, and used wisely – makes the sales force more efficient and productive. This concept is nothing new: it dates back to the beginnings of CRM in the 20th century.

But today’s digital world offers new possibilities, enabling connections and predictions that yesterday’s rep never even dreamed of.

What if reps could anticipate relevance?

By combining the best in industry expertise, brand strategy, CRM technology, and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, reps can have the tools to make anticipated relevance possible.

At a recent Digital Health Coalition Midwest Summit, Intouch demonstrated examples of what this could look like for a brand, using their AI assistant, EVA, which is short for “embedded virtual assistant”.

How does it work?

EVA connects with Veeva to access a rep’s calendar of appointments to obtain information about where they need to go and who they need to see. Combined with marketing segmentation, EVA tells a sales rep the segmentation of today’s calls. Data further informs the conversation with helpful facts like script-writing history, marketing plan, prior messages presented, and online activity, giving our rep a prediction of what their next best actions should be. These suggestions can be offered through the voice assistant, or sent by text or email for later reference, and can power the flow of the in-office detail. After the call, EVA can help a rep record a call quickly and easily in the CRM system.

An AI-powered ecosystem makes sure no pertinent data goes to waste. Whether it’s an email open, a website visit, a rep conversation, a script, or any other activity, the rep can quickly and easily understand what their HCP cares about and what information will be most helpful to their practice.

By anticipating relevance, the rep can provide an HCP with information that’s useful to them, in the format, time, and place that helps them most. And EVA is able to use the most relevant assets efficiently and minimise the burden of administrative tasks. Time is used wisely on both sides, making it possible for the right information to help patients that much sooner.

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