Health Innovators – Dr. Houda Hachad


Dr. Houda Hachad is vice president of clinical operations at AccessDx Laboratory, where she focuses on expanding the use of pharmacogenomic testing, a major piece of the puzzle for precision medicine.

Genetic testing has become vastly more accessible in the last 20 years and has opened all kinds of doors in medicine, from pharmacogenetics and better understanding drug interactions and adverse events to tremendous advances in oncology: understanding the underlying genetics of cancer cells has allowed delivery of affective, targeted treatments. And that same technology and approach can also be of benefit to other chronic conditions, from cardiovascular disease to behavioural health.

Houda has spent her career studying the ways that genetic testing can change our whole approach to medicine. She chats with us about that progression, as well as some of the other facets of precision medicine, including digital health and the use and monitoring of non-genetic biomarkers.

Tune in for an insightful overview of precision medicine and its many possibilities.