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Assessing provider and patient motivation

Assessing provider (and patient) motivation

Behavioural science provides a roadmap to understanding how HCPs make decisions and what drives prescribing behaviour, but also, more importantly, it gives us strategies that we can apply t

Jennifer Turgiss

Making behaviour change stick

Behaviour change is set to become a key skill for pharma companies in the very near future – an essential beyond-the-pill strategy, often delivered via digital tech, that can help keep peop

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Training and development business education concept with a hand holding a group of gears transfering the wheels of knowledge to a human head made of cogs as a symbol of acquiring the tools for career learning.

Medical affairs: learning to change behaviour?

Brian Jepson reviews recent research that points to the need for greater engagement with behavioural science among medical affairs professionals, to inform medical education and engage HCPs.