Using Omni-channel to bring in new insights

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Omni-channel makes perfect sense – maximising the right communication through the appropriate channels to the correct HCPs at the right time. However, in an omni-channel strategy, reaching out through multiple communication channels and engaging with HCPs based on their preferences and needs is only one aspect. Omni-channel is also about creating new channels for collecting insights and bringing them back into the organization.

An effective omni-channel strategy should therefore consider both aspects and maximise the potential of each new channel to establish a bidirectional flow – sending out communications and receiving insights in return. When executing such a strategy, insights captured from various sources such as face-to-face field interactions, digital channels, social media engagement, congress conversations, market research, HEOR, competitive intelligence, medical information interactions, virtual advisory boards, or even comments posted on a video seminar, all hold valuable knowledge. However, the true power lies in the ability to capture, analyse, and extract meaning from all these sources as a unified whole.

Each channel presents its own opportunities and nuances when it comes to capturing and integrating insights. The process of capturing insights from congress interactions differs significantly from gathering on-demand video feedback. Additionally, certain channels require extra care and attention, particularly from a compliance and privacy standpoint, due to the nature of the interaction – insights gathered from patients and caregivers serve as an example.

Inevitably, implementing an omni-channel insight strategy generates a substantial amount of data from multiple channels, and not all of this data will yield significant insights that could potentially drive actionable outcomes. The differentiation and identification of true insights amidst the plethora of observations constitute another essential aspect that must be considered within your omni-channel program.

Omnichannel provides a remarkable opportunity to examine insights in an unbiased manner, ensuring that your most crucial insights are reviewed, escalated, and actioned to their full potential – irrespective of channel.

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Joshua Adetunji
Digital Solutions at VMLY&R HEALTH

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16 August, 2023