Transforming healthcare: Nils Bottler and Paul Tunnah

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Angelini Ventures sponsored podcast

This podcast was produced in partnership with Angelini Ventures and was originally published on Matthew Holt’s Healthcare Blog Podcast.

Angelini Ventures is a recently launched investment fund seeking companies that are transformational in healthcare. Founder of pharmaphorum and Healthware Group's chief content officer, Paul Tunnah, talks with Nils Bottler, who recently joined Angelini Ventures as Principal, about his career and where Angelini Ventures aims to have an impact.

Paul and Nils discuss a range of topics, from how the skills needed for skiing and surfing can be applied in business, to what makes Angelini Ventures stand out from the crowd. They go on to talk about some of the positives of the start-up environment in Germany, where the areas of focus are for Angelini, as well as what emerging trends are piquing their interest for the future.

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30 March, 2023