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Upscaling your brand strategy game with new ways of planning

Today, pharma brand planning teams can benefit from technology platforms that aggregate data and automate analyses, helping unlock insights on the market landscape and clinical environment that can be used to maximise a brand’s reach. It just requires a little upscaling of the brand strategy game.

Traditionally, brand teams stored plans and important data in static documents like PowerPoint decks or spreadsheets, leading to a variety of version control issues once plans cascaded from global to local teams. Today, the right strategic brand planning process can streamline all brand planning data and functionalities into one cloud-based system.

Upscaling brand strategy with new tools and processes

In addition to the broad functionalities of brand planning software, individual brand planning tools use data and analytic technologies to deepen insights, thus improving strategic decision-making for life sciences companies.

Discover how these tools shape success by overcoming challenges, from crafting effective launch plans to optimising sales strategies, and uncover their full potential, driving excellence in the intricate realm of pharmaceuticals.

In this interactive webinar, brought to you by Enavia, viewers will be provided with best practices when it comes to upscaling a pharmaceutical brand strategy game, addressing the challenges this entails, and providing actionable insights by demonstrating tool effectiveness.

Learning objectives

  • Why the pharma brand planning process is still important today
  • Trends and evolution in pharmaceutical brand strategy
  • How to use technology for dynamic brand planning in 2024
  • Challenges faced by pharma companies and how to overcome them

Join our pharma brand planning experts

Join us on Monday 18th March 2024 at 15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET / 10:00 EST as panel members explore the pivotal role of brand planning and brand management tools in the pharmaceutical industry and new ways of creating cross-functional brand strategies in a competitive pharmaceutical setting.

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About the panel

Daniel KohlstaedtDaniel Kohlstaedt, Managing Director, PurpleLeaf Strategy Daniel Kohlstaedt is founder and managing director of PurpleLeaf Strategy and has over 19 years’ extensive experience in commercial excellence and global marketing implementation. He is an expert in global roll-out.

Carina KaiserCarina Kaiser, Senior Director Global Commercial Strategy and Operations, Sanofi Carina, as a pharmaceutical expert and pharmacist in the industry, is dedicated to advancing human health. With expertise in medical and pharmaceutical sciences, marketing, project & product management, business development, and leadership, she thrives on innovation, seeking cutting-edge healthcare solutions.

Jonah ComstockJonah Comstock , editor-in-chief at pharmaphorum (moderator), is a veteran digital health journalist. An early hire at MobiHealthNews, he most recently led editorial efforts at HIMSS Media.

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