Looking to the future of UK medical device exports

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pharmaphorum podcast episode 107a

In this second of our festive podcast series, the pharmaphorum podcast welcomed Brandon Medical CEO Keith Jackson and the Association of British HealthTech Industries (or ABHI) director of communications, Jonathan Evans, to discuss UK medical device exports, including a particular recent strategic APAC partnership and the general and ongoing representation of industry innovation to stakeholders including government, NHS, and regulators.

In 2022, medicinal and pharmaceutical products exports were valued at £25.3 billion, accounting for 6% of all UK exports. Indeed, there is a huge breadth of expertise in MedTech in the UK. Thinking of the UK as a brand for this area, there is clear international demand for its innovations, such as Brandon Medical’s surgical lights. 

COVID-19 presented a challenge to taking innovations abroad, of course, but patience and determination have – as is revealed here – resulted in beneficial progression in the dynamic Chinese market.

With a look to the future also, in terms of regulatory harmonisation, perhaps, and consideration of sustainability matters, organisational learning will be key to developing cultural fluency and agility and thereby the product offering for local requirements and marketing.

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