Good data supports pharma sales reps to drive lead generation

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Allow pharma sales reps to focus on the job in hand by making sure they have access to up-to-date, clean, accurate data. That’s the message from Rick Priem, Global CRM Manager at Nestlé Health Science, who has spoken about the importance of making sure reps have all the tools they need to do their job – driving your company forward. “Typically, sales reps are great at generating demand, great at meeting their quotas, but data management is really not their core competency and it’s not what we want them to be doing anyway,” he says in this video. “The cleaner we can provide the data up front, the more accurate, the more they can focus on what they really need to accomplish.” Reps in the pharmaceutical industry are working in an ever-changing environment: healthcare professionals work across settings and priorities and purchasing responsibilities shift rapidly. Giving them access to a real-time, integrated pharma sales customer database can drive sales productivity and sales efficiency. “The life sciences data model is unique. A healthcare professional could be at a clinic, a private practice, a hospital setting or all three, so being able to understand where our customers are, so we can best reach them is critical for us,” said Priem. It’s not just the world around them that is changing. The role itself is in the midst of a revolution, as the industry shifts the balance between face-to-face and digital detailing. Veeva’s customer reference data and content management system allows reps to reach out to healthcare professionals with the right information, at the right time, and through the preferred channels, said Priem. He added: “That is critical, so we can deliver on our promise of delivering the information and become a trusted source of information.” Watch the video now to find out how Nestlé Health Science is transforming its business with accurate customer data from Veeva OpenData. Discover more success stories and learn what Veeva could do for your company.