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Communications Commercialisation 2022

There is little doubt that the arrival of COVID-19 changed the game for communication and commercialisation efforts for pharmaceutical companies around the world. Cut off from tried and tested methods of engaging with stakeholders, digital, and virtual solutions were thrust into the limelight as the industry proactively accelerated the adoption of technology across all levels of healthcare.

Read on to find out about unlocking the potential of connected commercialisation solutions, what HCPs want from post-pandemic communication, achieving launch excellence in oncology and much more.

Inside the colourful history of pharma advertising
Today’s pharmaceutical ads have come a long way since the days of snake oil and miracle elixirs. We chart the unusual metamorphosis of pharma marketing, from patent pages to personalised apps

Unlocking the potential of connected commercialisation solutions
IQVIA’s Elizabeth Murray, Steven Ferguson, Steve How, and Martin Fox explain the importance of understanding the market landscape and aligning commercial and engagement strategies with the needs of consumers

Achieving launch excellence in oncology
A successful launch in the oncology space is not guaranteed; it is strategically planned and earned. Envision’s Rachel Shemer, along with TwoLabs’ Kimberly Cash and Angus Bromley, examine key elements of a successful drug launch

What physicians need from post-pandemic pharma comms
M3’s Maxim Polyakov and director of the Rheumatology Research Unit at Cambridge University, Dr Deepak Jadon examine how HCP engagement is evolving

The missing pieces of the digital therapeutics puzzle
Companies can only do so much to market digital therapeutics until certain information infrastructure is in place, says Kristin Milburn, managing director of Healthware Labs

Gene therapies for prevalent diseases in Europe
While gene therapy may be making a resurgence, the path to commercialisation in Europe has not been a smooth one, says Research Partnership’s Tania Rodrigues

Frontiers Health 2022
Frontiers Health returns for a two-day hybrid event, with super early bird passes now on sale

Moving forward the evolution of digital maturity in pharma
Amid growing interest in digital models, pharma companies must adapt to the new rules of engagement if they want to prosper and evolve, says Viseven CEO Nataliya Andriychuk

Next generation patient engagement and enriched insights
As person generated health data becomes more widely recognised, a new whitepaper from Evidation explores how patient insights impact clinical decision making

Francis Namouk: inside the evolving art of scientific storytelling
Medical communications must adapt to bring the stories behind scientific messages to life, says Healthware MedComms’ Francis Namouk

Cutting through the noise of health comms
To make an impact with busy HCP’s, marketing teams must harness the power of effective communication, as Healthware MedComms explores in a new advertising campaign


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22 September, 2022