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As part the roundtable video debate on secondary prevention of recurrent atherothrombotic events, Dr Paul Tunnah moderated a discussion between four key participants with both wide-ranging perspectives and roles within the cardiovascular area.

In August 2017, AstraZeneca sponsored a roundtable debate on the topic of secondary prevention of recurrent atherothrombotic events. The debate was moderated by Dr Paul Tunnah, CEO of pharmaphorum, and the multi-perspective panel charged with building authority and thought leadership on this topic included:

  • Professor Evangelos Giannitsis, Head of the Chest Pain Unit and Private Ambulance at University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany
  • Nick Hartshorne-Evans, Chief Executive (Founder), Pumping Marvellous Foundation
  • Gunnar Brandrup-Wognsen, Global Medical Affairs Leader, AstraZeneca

The panel also included via videoconference:

  • Professor Christopher Granger, Professor of Medicine and Member of the Duke Clinical Research Institute, Durham, USA

The discussion was divided into three key sections:

  • Part one – Epidemiology and background of recurrent atherothrombotic events in high-risk patients
  • Part two – Challenges to secondary prevention in current clinical practice
  • Part three – The opportunity for improved secondary prevention of recurrent atherothrombotic events among high-risk patients

For further materials relating to this roundtable debate, please visit the spotlight page.

(Discussion conducted August 2017)

17 January, 2018