The World Without Disease Summit

The World Without Disease Summit

The World Without Disease Summit
Delivering future health through disease interception

The World Without Disease Summit is a new event brought to you by CWWDA in collaboration with the pharmaphorum team.

Bringing together key global leaders and innovators, the event will explore the potential of disease interception in future health.

The World Without Disease Summit
The Royal Society of Medicine
London, UK

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The World Without Disease Summit recognises that health systems globally have reached a critical inflexion point, where ageing populations and tightening budgets mean we can no longer continue to purely treat late-stage symptomatic disease. 

Instead, a new paradigm is needed where equal emphasis is placed on earlier disease prediction, prevention, and interception, which can deliver vastly improved outcomes for patients in a much more sustainable manner. 

This event is perfect for delegates working in the biopharma, medtech, digital health, regulatory, government, insurance, and investment communities.

Our roster of internationally renowned experts and future thinkers includes

  • Ben Wiegand, Founding Partner, CWWDA
  • Paul Tunnah, Founder, pharmaphorum
  • Prof. Giles Yeo, University of Cambridge
  • Sir Harpal Kumar, President, GRAIL Europe
  • Francisco Leon, CSO & Co-Founder, Provention Bio
  • Stefan Woxström, SVP Europe and Canada, AstraZeneca
  • Daniel Zakowski, CEO, Ready Set Foods
  • Mike Johnson, CEO, Infinant Health
  • Richard Insel, M.D., Head, Pediatric Health and Wellness, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc
  • Hutan Ashrafian, CSO - Preemptive Medicine and Health Security, Flagship Pioneering
  • Ken Ehlert, Former CSO, UnitedHealth Group
  • Stefan Vlachos, Head of Health Works, AstraZeneca
  • Christine Lemke, CEO, Evidation
  • Josh Suskewicz, Partner, Innosight
    More speakers to be confirmed

Event Structure
Structurally, sessions will chronologically move through the following themes, which address the key barriers to overcome in delivering a World Without Disease

  • Clinical: understanding the research and development hurdles to overcome – what is the science and technology that is going to underpin a World Without Disease?
  • Regulatory: exploring how regulatory bodies can work with commercial organisations, governments, payers, and health systems to ensure access to novel solutions 
  • Investment: defining the financial model for supporting novel interventions that can help to shape the World Without Disease 

Across all sessions, the following elements that can deliver a World Without Disease will be considered: 

  • Prediction: application of AI / machine learning techniques to patient data (medical data, lifestyle, fitness etc.) to predict risk for different diseases and identify appropriate screening / interventional measures 
  • Interception: focus on novel biomarkers and digital biomarkers that can identify disease before becoming symptomatic through conventional means 
  • Prevention: earlier utilisation of existing and novel therapeutics (potentially at the ‘pre-disease’ stage) to prevent full-blown disease manifestation

For more event information, please contact Matthew Brookes

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Thank you to all our amazing sponsors without whose support the inaugural “The World Without Disease Summit” would not be possible