Transitioning from traditional surgical methods to the innovative use of stem cells

pharmaphorum podcast episode 121a

Patient lives are being transformed by a transitioning from traditional surgical methods to the innovative use of stem cells.

In today’s podcast, host Nicole Raleigh welcomes Dr Jeffrey Gross, founder of ReCELLebrate, neurological surgeon, and expert in the field of regenerative medicine, to discuss this development. Their conversation delves into the recent appetite for the use of stem cells for longevity and explores the ‘health span’ notion that is being ever more frequently spoken of.

But, essentially, regenerative medicine deals with the functional restoration of specific tissue and/or organ of patients, patients who might be suffering from severe injuries or chronic disease conditions, and who are in a state where the body’s own regenerative responses do not suffice – and that is where stem cells, endorsed with indefinite cell division potential and the ability to transdifferentiate into other types of cells, are emerging as a frontline regenerative medicine source.

Yet, when it come to health and vitality, and to epigenetics and prolonged health, scepticism remains – and Dr Gross attempts to demystify the landscape for listeners on that, too, including especially the most regenerative source of stem cells: the placenta.

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