Pharmaceutical research in space

pharmaphorum podcast Episode 113

When US President Joe Biden talks about his Cancer Moonshot, he's not literally talking about the moon - he's referencing the legendary innovation push that got Americans to the moon in 1969. But there are many more direct links between pharmaceutical research and space travel.

On today’s podcast, host Jonah Comstock welcomes Christina Corridon, global lead of oncology at ZS Associates and Sandeep Sangwan, who leads the knowledge services R&D team at ZS. They discuss how research conducted in space can advance life sciences research, especially in oncology.

The panel details some of the areas in pharma where microgravity research can yield the most benefits and why, as well as the logistical challenges of doing research in space and how that status quo is evolving. They also lay out some possibilities for how this kind of research – as well as biomanufacturing – could be expanded in the future as humanity pushes further beyond our earthbound roots.

Microgravity research in oncology and drug development isn’t science fiction – it’s happening today. Check out the episode below to learn more.

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