Pharma & Patient USA 2023

Pharma & Patient USA 2023

Our ability to turn great products into great medicines has never been more reliant on how we engage with our patients, yet we’re still falling short of expectations and failing to build sustainable trust with our communities, leading to lower adherence, slower trials and sub-optimal outcomes.

Co-creation must be the lifeblood of your business, spanning product lifecycles from clinical phases to commercial strategy execution. Only then can we start to build sustainable, long-term trust with patient communities. To do this we must go beyond the diagnosis and streamline the patient journey.

Pioneer the patient engagement transformation and maintain competitive advantage at Reuters Events: Pharma & Patient USA 2023. America’s leading patient focused event to help you solve these challenges and optimize opportunities for you and your patients.

Industry leaders and patient advocates will gather to discuss strategies and share case-studies that will help you lay a foundation to incorporate and action patient feedback across touchpoints, collaborate with stakeholders to build an insights framework which enables personalized care and improve on patient education programs to humanize the science and highlight the importance of adherence.

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