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PART 2: Right research, right time, right place


PART 2: Right research, right time, right place

Across the UK, a national network of potential trial sites exists with skilled and dedicated investigators primed to aid companies realise the full potential of commercial research projects. Strategically matching the right research to the right location can be highly beneficial in terms of accessing relevant expertise, maximising recruitment potential, and achieving diverse participant demographics, giving companies the assurance to swiftly and effectively plan and execute clinical research.

But how can life science organisations ensure that they are utilising the wealth of resources available in the UK to optimise site selection and support better distribution of research opportunities to under-served communities?

In the second of this two-part webinar series presented by the National Institute of Health and Care Research, industry experts will delve into the opportunities for enhancing site selection in the UK. Participants will discover more about the tools and services available to support site identification, selection and study set-up, and learn how collaborating with UK organisations can expedite commercial research delivery.


Join us on Wednesday 29th March at 15:00 BST/ 16:00 CET/ 10:00 EST as experts from NIHR and ABPI delve into this with pharmaphorum.

About the panel

Jennifer HarrisJennifer Harris, ABPI Director of Research Policy | Life sciences R&D - New medicines for patients - Pharma innovation
Jennifer will provide a 'state of the nation' perspective and talk to the importance of collaboration to strengthen the UK's position as a global leader in research.

Laura BousfieldLaura Bousfield, NIHR Head of Feasibility and Start Up
Laura’s brings her extensive knowledge and experience of NCVR (National Contract Value Review) and other tools and services that have been designed to support better distribution of new research opportunities across the UK, while optimising study set-up and performance.

Matthew SnapeMatthew Snape, Moderna Biotech UK Limited Vice President, Pediatric and Maternal Vaccines Previously an NIHR investigator
Matthew has in-depth knowledge of the UK research landscape and NIHR support services from both commercial and non-commercial perspectives.

Philip EvansProfessor Philip Evans, NIHR & Academic GP
Phil has over 25 years’ experience of leading primary care research networks, both locally and nationally and has contributed to the world-renowned trials such as PANORAMIC and PRNCIPLE.

eloiseEloise McLennan, Deep Dive editor (moderator)
Eloise McLennan is the editor for pharmaphorum’s Deep Dive magazine. She has been a journalist and editor in the healthcare field for more than five years and has worked at several leading publications in the UK.

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22 February, 2023