Obesity & Weight Loss Drug Development Summit

Obesity & Weight Loss Drug Development Summit

17+ Speakers | 50+ Attendees | 20+ Hours of Content

The Obesity & Weight Loss Drug Development Summit aims to help you get the answers to industry-defining questions: How can tolerability and compliance be improved, muscle mass and weight maintenance boosted, and the heterogeneity of obesity addressed?

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Uniting 17+ speakers and 50+ attendees across three days of cutting-edge content, the summit will be unlocking industry decisions and insights into the promising next class of obesity therapeutics.

Get ready for exclusive insights, from delving into Eli Lilly’s Orgorglipron and Amgen’s AMG13, to exploring the future of more tolerable second and third generations of GLP combinations.

Beyond incretin-based approaches, the program will also examine novel advancements from Regeneron’s GPR75 modulator, Glaceum’s mitochondrial drug, Aardvark’s ARD-101, Glyscend’s barrier approach, and Ercal’s ERA-379 to assess how the obesity and weight loss drug market is evolving.

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9 February, 2024