JP Morgan 2023 - Astrocyte Pharmaceuticals

Live from JP Morgan 2023

Astrocyte Pharmaceuticals is a young pharma company developing new treatments for stroke. On the sidelines of JP Morgan Week 2023, at the Spero Hotel pharmaphorum editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock sat down with three leaders from Astrocyte – Kevin Sheth, chief medical advisor and Yale neurologist, William Korinek, CEO, and James D. Lechleiter, co-founder and chief scientific advisor – to talk about the company, the brain cell it’s named after, and the treatments it is currently pursuing in a phase I study.

In addition to going over the mechanism of action of their molecule, AST-004, and their preliminary path-to-market plans, the team talks about current trends in pharma, including the effects of the current economic pressures and the increased, and indeed increasing, interest in the neuro space more broadly.

They talk about what exits will look like this year, pharma’s risk tolerance, public health, and other topics from the show. Tune into the video below to hear insights from a truly innovative team.