Insulin costs & pharma manufacturing

pharmaphorum podcast episode 83

While the pharma press often focuses on R&D and drug development, the actual manufacture of drugs is an interesting space in its own right that drives many of the trends in drug pricing and availability.

In today’s pharmaphorum podcast, brought to you by Lannett Corporation, editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock first chats with Timothy Crew, CEO of Lannett. Crew talks about the contract development manufacturing organisation (CDMO) business and why local manufacturing is important in the United States.

They then get into the insulin pricing crisis and some of the factors that underpin it, especially as they relate to the manufacturing side, but also across the pharmaceutical industry.

Then, in part 2, Jonah talks to Tom Lewis, Lannett’s VP of Global Supply Chain and CDMO Management. They discuss Lannett’s CDMO business more broadly, how it works, and why it’s an important offering in today’s pharma landscape.

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