The Brand-New Peptide Based Therapeutics Summit - Boston, MA

Peptide Based Therapeutics Summit banner

The industry has been calling for a disease-agnostic event fully dedicated to the exciting new modality of peptide-based drugs. Here responding to this building momentum and demand in the space, is the newly launched Peptide Based Therapeutics Summit! Uniting pioneers from Johnson & Johnson, Fog Pharma, Genentech and PeptiDream, and spanning diverse diseases and therapeutic approaches, this event has been purpose-built for experts looking to leverage advancements in early-phase technology to discover and develop next-generation peptide-based therapeutics with enhanced pharmacokinetic properties.

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Whether you're focused on peptide-drug conjugates, bicyclic or macro-cyclic peptides, PCSK9, GLP, or any other peptide-based therapeutic, this is an invaluable opportunity to learn from peers, accelerate discovery and de-risk the development of your peptide therapeutics.

As we enter the third wave of peptide-based therapeutics, this therapeutic meeting will bring together leading minds in early discovery and pre-formulation, heads of peptide drug development and pioneering peptide chemists to dissect challenges related to improving peptide stability, raising oral bioavailability and balancing cell permeability with intracellular target selectivity, as well as exploring how the latest cutting-edge technology can help you arrive at the optimal lead compound. 

Learn more about the event everyone is talking about and uncover how our audience is shaping the trajectory of these remarkable drugs across various therapeutic landscapes!

21 February, 2024