ADC Toxicity Summit

ADC Toxicity Summit

A wide therapeutic index is the goal for all ADC developers, and whilst efficacy is undeniable, toxicity remains the single biggest factor in narrowing this window.

The inaugural ADC Toxicity Summit is coming to Boston, MA this July 25-27 as the first and only meeting dedicated to enabling drug developers to analyze mechanisms of action, discuss shared challenges associated with translating in vivo toxicity data to the clinic, and optimizing dosing to minimize the toxicity of your drug and improve tolerability to bring more ADCs with a wider therapeutic index to market.

Uniting all key stakeholders invested in this conversation ranging from toxicologist and pathologists, through to nonclinical, translational, and clinical experts, this is your exclusive opportunity to harness never before gained insights to deliver a safer and more tolerable generation of ADCs to patients.

Join this meeting to access exclusive case-study led presentations and interactive discussions to enable you to select optimal models for your GLP toxicity studies, mitigate ADC related toxicities in the clinic and optimize linker-design for more controlled payload release, this is your exclusive opportunity to harness new insights to minimize the toxicity of your drug.

Take a look at our 3-day event guide for your in-depth roadmap to the ADC Toxicity Summit.

6 April, 2023