6th RAS-Targeted Drug Development Summit

6th RAS-Targeted Drug Development Summit banner

Join us at the epicenter of groundbreaking RAS research and development! The 6th Annual RAS-Targeted Drug Development Summit is back, bringing together over 200 global RAS leaders to revolutionize frontline therapies for improved patient outcomes. This summit is your gateway to the latest advancements, from early discovery to clinical development and commercialization.

Embark on the journey to conquer RAS mutant cancers and address the significant challenges of tumor and patient heterogeneity. Delve into the latest advancements in targeting elusive RAS mutants, bridging knowledge gaps, enhancing response durability, and outsmarting resistance mechanisms. Discover transformative combination strategies that will redefine the standard of care for patients.

Prepare to be inspired by cutting-edge insights from 38+ industry-leading speakers, including trailblazers from Amgen, Elicio Therapeutics, GenFleet, Revolution Medicine, Novartis, and more. This is your chance to gain access to pioneering content straight from the frontline of targeted therapy development.

Don't miss out! Unite with your peers for three days of exclusive content, witnessing the strides being made in novel modalities and resistance mechanisms as the industry races towards best-in-class targeted therapies.

Download your full event guide now to unlock the full selection of unparalleled content and join the revolution in RAS-targeted drug development!

RAS-targeted drug development summit banner