5th Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Summit Europe 2023

5th Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Summit Europe 2023

With the recent double whammy of Bayer and Novartis both strategically investing in Bicycle Therapeutics to develop radioconjugates for oncology targets; mergers, acquisitions and collaborations in the targeted radiopharmaceuticals space are at an all-time high.

For the 5th consecutive year, the Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals Summit Europe is returning as the go-to community forum. 2023’s programme is uniting 100+ industry leaders across radioligand development from pharma and biotech companies to:

  • Understand the investor landscape to maximise investments and opportunities to help drive TRP development
  • Answer fundamental regulatory questions within the EU to meet regulatory expectations on isotopes and targeting molecules
  • Hone dosimetry to increase the adaptability of therapy and overcome the one-size-fits-all all assumption to increase patient specificity and produce a TRP with high efficacy
  • Take a deep dive into novel targets such as FAP and HER2 to address unmet needs through new treatment modalities
  • Overcome supply chain challenges with novel isotopes to hasten TRP manufacturing and understand clinical utility to increase speed to clinic

This conference has it all, ensuring you and your team master the complexity of TRPs by meeting the specific needs of the patient and taking TRPs to the front line of cancer treatment.

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