4th Inner Ear Disorders Therapeutics Summit

4th Inner Ear Disorders Therapeutics Summit banner image

2024 has started off with a bang with recent back-to-back positive results for gene therapy for rare genetic hearing disorders and major headways in otoprotective, restorative and regenerative small molecules and cell therapies for acquired hearing loss.

At this prime time comes the return of the Inner Ear Disorders Therapeutics Summit for its 4th edition, presenting an unparalleled opportunity to unite with the community and discuss the next generation of inner ear R&D with novel drug modalities.

View the agenda here for the full speaker list from the likes of Regeneron, Refreshgene Therapeutics, Spiral Therapeutics, Acousia Therapeutics, Ting Therapeutics, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Gateway Biotechnologies and more.

Don’t miss out on your premium opportunity to meet and network with this niche audience of 75+ industry-based discovery, biology, preclinical, translational and clinical scientists as they examine how to efficiently translate more therapeutic indications into the clinic.

Grab your copy of the event guide to learn about novel in vitro and in vivo preclinical models replicating the cochlear hair cells, auditory neurons and stereocilia in the inner ear, for acquired and genetic hearing disorders for accelerated translation into the clinic and better drugs for paediatric and adult patient populations.