2nd Molecular Glue Drug Development Summit 2024

2nd Molecular Glue Drug Development Summit 2024

Molecular glue development continues to gain exponential momentum, with advances in screening tools, identification assays and structure-based design. With numerous strategic collaborations and investments into rationale drug discovery, the molecular glue field is fuelling the clinical progression of next-generation molecular glue candidates across a spectrum of indications and undruggable targets.

Owing to this, the 2nd Molecular Glue Drug Development Summit returns as the world’s only fully molecular glue-dedicated meeting, uniting 100+ glue experts devoted to accelerating the discovery and development of novel, rationally designed and therapeutically validated glues for patients in need.

Snapshot of expert speakers:

  • Christian Ottmann, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Ambagon Therapeutics
  • Ingrid Wertz, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Lyterian Therapeutics
  • Lena Dolgikh, Head of Computer-Aided Drug Design, Monte Rosa Therapeutics
  • Patrick Arsenault, Director-Lead Discovery, Triana Biomedicines
  • Sriram Subramaniam, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Gandeeva Therapeutics
  • Shanique Alabi, Principal Investigator, GSK

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2nd Molecular Glue Drug Development Summit 2024