2nd Innate Killer Europe Summit

2nd Innate Killer Europe Summit

The 2nd Innate Killer Europe Summit will gather 80+ key European Gamma Delta T, NK, iNKT, neutrophil, and macrophage developers in October to chase the holy grail of efficacious, off-the-shelf, solid tumour immunotherapies through effective and scalable engineering, engager and combination strategies that promote safe, potent and persistent innate immune therapies following application.

View the event guide here: https://ter.li/00g2sr 

Don’t miss this chance to network with innate immune trailblazers from the likes of Sanofi, Takeda, Lift Biosciences, Mink Therapeutics, Affimed, Carisma Therapeutics, Arovella Therapeutics and receive 3-days of some of the best scientific and data driven case studies that will help propel your innate immune therapy into the clinic and beyond. 

Secure your pass here: https://ter.li/bvtk17

Innate Killer Summit Europe
18 September, 2023