12th IMPACCT Real World Evidence Summit

12th IMPACCT Real World Evidence Summit banner

The 12th IMPACCT Real World Evidence Summit is the only industry meeting dedicated to uniting experts in RWE and Evidence Generation to consolidate, innovate and apply RWE across the drug development lifecycle, from external control arms to reimbursement.

With a tight focus on consolidating data quality, enabling effective cross-functional collaboration, integrating AI and deep learning to strengthen data analysis, and creating a robust integrated evidence strategy, join 140+ industry pioneers from Takeda, Bayer, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and more to forge a robust integrated evidence plan, break free from silos, and bridge the evidence gap between clinical research and practice.

View the world-class speaker faculty and their sessions here: https://ter.li/ryt6m5

Benefits of attending include:

  • Exploring actionable insights about how to leverage tokenization of real-world data to enhance overall data quality with Otsuka
  • Building evidence generation plans to reduce uncertainty for value and market access with Takeda
  • Ensuring that RWE generated through AI/ML is fit-for-purpose in accurately addressing scientific research questions to improve reliability of RWD with Johnson & Johnson
  • Leveraging generative AI, NLP tools to optimize efficiency of real-world data interpretation and applications with Chiesi USA
  • Implementing chart review data in real world evidence generation to improve quality of data management with Bayer

View the full event guide here: https://ter.li/ryt6m5