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Research and Development

Fuelled by advancements in technology and computing, R&D in life sciences is undergoing a fundamental transformation that puts patients at the heart of research. Read on to find out using digital twins of clinical experiments could help drive progress in virtual biological models, why venture capitalists fell in love with pharma R&D in 2021, and why amplifying patient voices is vital in the rare disease space.

Seeing double: the rise of digital twins in life sciences
Virtual models of life science experiments could be a springboard for innovation in complex biological digital twins, says Synthace co-founder Markus Gershater

Does the answer to advancing rare disease treatment lie in real-world data?
Real-world data is vital to expanding our understanding of rare diseases, but more data is needed to realise its full potential, says Janssen’s Neil Davie and Emmanuelle Quiles

Why VCs fell in love with pharma R&D in 2021
COVID-19 disrupted activity across healthcare, but for venture capitalists, it was the spark needed to drive investment in pharma R&D

Inside the changing tides of life science research
The R&D landscape is undergoing a transformative period of innovation. Astellas Pharma’s Bernie Zeiher discusses the changing nature of life science research

Emerging technologies that are changing the way healthcare is delivered in 2022
Advanced technologies have opened up new possibilities in healthcare delivery. Arknea’s Rahul Varshneya identifies the emerging systems set to drive change across the industry

Using cross-functional teams to develop a product’s value story
A data-driven strategy is essential to successfully communicate a brand’s value proposition in a competitive market, says ICON’s Tanya Brinsden, Jessica Cherian and Beranger Lueza

Think global, act local: rethinking commercialisation models
Traditional models have reinforced the perception that launching across different markets is complex. But that may not be the case, as EVERSANA’s Mike Ryan explains

Amplifying the voices in rare diseases
Rare disease communities are among the most empowered patient populations. AXON’s Emma Lemon discusses the value of engaging rare disease patients, HCPs, and caregivers

Medical informatics in rare disease – the bridge between two worlds
Searchable databases and software solutions can create connections between clinicians, researchers, and patients in the rare disease space, says IQVIA

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