Live from Reuters Pharma 2022 - the pharmaphorum podcast


In mid-October, our Web Editor Nicole Raleigh and Deep Dive Editor Eloise McLennan travelled to Nice for the Reuters Pharma event.

This special episode includes a conversation recorded on-site with Nicole, Eloise, Virtual Science AI CEO Thomas Hughes, and VSAI VP of global patient affairs Geraldine Reilly.

They discuss key takeaways from the event, major trends in the space, and the guests’ work at Virtual Science AI, using technology to help life sciences companies create virtual patient advisory boards.

They also discuss Thomas’s background in pharma and how it informs his current work.

And stay tuned for the second half of the episode, where Nicole speaks with Sabine Hutchison, CEO and co-founder of Seuss+, about the Dutch consulting firm’s work with smaller life science companies. Hutchison describes her journey from scientific academia to supporting and enabling the growth and development of smaller life sciences companies, often within biotech, on a global scale.

A female-led and owned organisation with an all-female management, Seuss+ took part in a collaborative breakfast workshop with the HBA and Reuters on giving a more audible voice to women's health issues.

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