JP Morgan 2023 – Fred Turner

Live from JP Morgan 2023

Fred Turner is CEO of Curative, a company that’s just announced a head-scratching pivot: from COVID-testing company to large-group commercial health plan. And not just any health plan, but a preventative health-focused health plan with no copays and no deductibles. 

Editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock caught up with Fred in the lobby of the Donatello hotel to get the full story of what Curative is up to and why. The microphones acted up a bit in this one, but we hope you’ll stick with it for a fascinating interview with an accomplished entrepreneur making a big swing in a competitive healthcare sector. 

They get into the weeds on why deductibles don’t work to change consumer behaviour, how to re-engineer health insurance to diminish misaligned incentives, and how Curative is seeking to avoid the pitfalls experienced by other tech-enabled insurance upstarts. 

Watch the full interview below and stay tuned for even more from JP Morgan 2023.