Getting down to the nitty gritty of actively creating healthier societies

pharmaphorum podcast episode 116a

In a new episode of the pharmaphorum podcast, host Nicole Raleigh speaks with Stuart Cooper, CEO of Adelphi Group, about Anthropy – a yearly event that aims to spark innovation and foster fresh thinking among diverse leaders – and about creating healthier societies, about biopharma’s role in that, including implementation of preventative methods in ameliorating global health.

From patient advocacy and patient groups – and the notion and nature of trust – to partnership and the role of digital technology, it becomes clear that prolonged health (health span as opposed to life span) springs from a combined set of processes, and from collaboration – from the individual to industry and to societies at large, around the world.

Touching upon some of the more interesting debates on appropriateness of preventative methods, as well as mental health issues that have particularly increased since the COVID-19 pandemic – Cooper explores some of the big and nitty gritty questions when it comes to actively creating healthier societies.

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